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does a lot of different stuff.

i am a funny woman


One of the things I do is make people laugh. 

I have a comedy wife, and her name is Britt Harris. We form the duo known as Two Evil Actors. We’ve made some funny videos. Watch them. Enjoy them. Eat them. 


We also run a podcast called the Edge of Your Soul Podcast where we cope with our intense emotions in hilarious ways.

And if you really need to go to the edge of your soul and laugh-cry till it hurts, check out our blog, which is the written version of the podcast.

Twitter, I hear, exists. That’s all I can say about that.



i am a very serious actor


You can tell because if you click on the VIDEO link above, you'll find a super serious acting reel. And if you click on the PICS link above, you'll find headshots. Because real actors have reels and headshots. 

You can also tell I'm a super serious actor because if you click here, you will be able to look at my super serious acting resume. Only real actors have super serious acting resumes. 

ALSO, check out these pictures from plays I've done. They're all plays from my resume, because you know, I'm an actor.